About us

For years, we have been providing our clients with comprehensive solutions in the field of design and construction

Company history

Our company, Pasjona sp. z o.o., has been present in the steel construction market since 2015. We are involved in the comprehensive design and construction of various types of steel structures – building and industrial.

Our business is based on the knowledge, competence and our founders’ many years of experience. Since our foundation, we have consistently developed our business, expanding our technological capabilities, our range of products and the scope of production.

Pasjona sp. z o.o. stands for: high quality standards, on-time delivery, precise designers and high aesthetics and quality of workmanship. This is confirmed by various quality certificates: ISO9001:2015, ISO3834-2005, ISO3834-2007, PN-EN 1090-1, PN-EN1090-2, PN-EN 3834-2.

The head office of our company is in Rzeszów, but the production plant is located in Opatkowice, in the municipality of Proszowice in the Małopolska province.

Brand identity and values

We use high-quality materials, tools and machinery in our work. We care about quality standards and are keen to introduce new technologies and innovations. All of these elements stem from our brand identity and our values.


Providing functional, safe and high-quality steel construction manufacturing solutions that guarantee the ongoing satisfaction of our customers.


To become one of the leading manufacturers of steel structures in south-eastern Poland. Continuous expansion of the product and service portfolio with new, high-tech, and innovative solutions in line with customer requirements and market needs.

Brand values

What makes our company different? Get to know our values!


We are renowned for our attention to detail. Our knowledge and experience ensure that all the structures we produce meet the highest quality standards. This is confirmed by numerous certificates awarded by the Polish Register of Shipping, as well as by the following standards: ISO9001:2015, ISO3834-2005, ISO3834-2007, PN-EN 1090-1, PN-EN1090-2, PN-EN 3834-2.


In our work, we use modern and proven technologies to provide our customers with high-end, functional solutions. Our developed technological background allows us to do so. At Pasjona sp. z o.o., we have a 1,200 m2 production hall, a reliable 6.3 tonne overhead crane for prefabricating steel structures and a CNC machine with an Ultra-Cut 200 XT source with a compatible Swift-Cut table.


We place a very strong emphasis on safety in our work. That is why health and safety at Pasjona sp. z o.o. is fundamental. Our emphasis on adhering to appropriate safety standards is evidenced by our accident-free history.

Meeting deadlines

We know that time is money in business. Therefore, if we commit to an order, our customers can count on complete on-time performance. We take care to maintain safe time margins so that even delays beyond our control do not affect final deadlines as far as possible.


In our company, we place emphasis on teamwork. The entire process – from the creation of the project to the general execution – is supervised by a staff of qualified and experienced professionals: designers and engineers together with installation teams. A partnership approach also characterises our relationship with our clients. We always focus on a fair, transparent and flexible approach. So as to best match the expectations of our Partners.

By incorporating our values into our daily work,
our implementations meet the expectations of even the most
demanding customers and are recognised in the industry.



All the steel structures we produce are built to high quality standards. Our production capacity reaches up to 70-100 tonnes of throughput per month.

Discover selected items from our range:

  • Load-bearing and building structures
  • Light technical structures
  • Halls and shelters
  • Steel roof structures
  • Bridges and footbridges
  • Platforms for machinery and equipment
  • Industrial ventilation structures
  • Towers and mast structures
  • Floating equipment and treatment facilities
  • Grandstands and special facilities.

And also: 2D plasma cutting services in HD (narrow beam) technology.